Everyone who knows the cat and the fish knows that one seems to be inextricably linked to the other.  Much like the famed dog chasing cat image perpetuated across what seems like forever, the cat and fish also seem to be linked in a relationship as old as time itself.  But I wonder...do cats really like fish and if so, why?   

Cats can take great interest in almost anything that moves.  Scrunched up paper moving across a floor,  a laser pointer toy, a shadow.  But those brave enough to actually have both cat and fish as pets have probably seen kitty’s special love of watching the risky flick of fish tail as fish flirt with the feline danger before them.  The hours kitty spends in front of the fish tank or bowl proves that this is more than your average fish=toy infatuation. 

Historical accounts suggest that the tie between the pisces and the puss goes back to ancient Egypt.  It is believed that the people of old Egypt used fish to lure cats into their homes in an attempt to domesticate them.  Having witnessed the wild ancestors of our now domesticated feline’s fish hunting expertise in the marshes of the fertile Nile Valley, they became desired as pest catchers in houses and the live-in relationship began.    

Cats, like most mammals, don’t have particularly strong senses of taste, but their sense of smell is excellent at identifying sources of protein.  Protein is very important to a cat’s diet, and fish and smell go hand in hand.  Can’t you just see the whiskers being licked?

For food or just plain fun cats really do like fish.  And I for one feel like I’ve come to understand my feline friend a little better as I strive to become the perfect pet parent!